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The international code for Hungary is 36, the area code for Budapest is 1.

To call a number within Hungary, first dial 06 or +36. Budapest telephone numbers comprise seven digits, all other areas’ have six digits (excluding the area code in both cases).

To call a Hungarian mobile number, first dial 06 or +36, followed by the subscriber’s seven-digit number starting with either 20 (Yettel), 30 (Telekom) or 70 (Vodafone).


To make an international call from Hungary, first dial 00 or +, then the country code followed by the area code and the subscriber’s telephone number.

Good to know

Please use production mobile numbers for direct communication with other crew members as these calls and text messages are free-of-charge within the production mobile fleet.


Would you need the possibility to make international calls or data usage please contact the Production Office as these services have to be approved by the UPM/Line Producer before activation.

Production mobile

You can get an English-speaking operator on these numbers after the Hungarian intro.

Emergency Call: 112

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