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Off-set medical protocol


The nature of the medical services provided in Mid Atlantic Films productions is a standardized process of medical care to include one-time patient visit by a practicing GP or a pre-scheduled appointment at a specialist in the most acknowledged (state- or privately owned) medical facilities – all organized through the relevant Production Office being also responsible to follow each and every case through the necessary insurance procedure by maintaining full patient data privacy.


Should a situation require attention beyond the service hours or capabilities of preferred private institutions, the contracted medical service provider has an ongoing working relationship on a contractual level with one or more major and well-respected public hospitals. In case of such a need, Mid Atlantic Films crew members will have the immediate access to the emergency unit services of these hospitals in order to provide an institutional level of service.


Based on the internationally recognized and instituted “triage” protocols the public hospitals have to treat more serious patients first, but our partner hospitals will do everything in their power to prioritize Mid Atlantic Films crew members accompanied by the representative of the medical service provider or the Production.


In order to thrive for services provided in modern and upscale circumstances, our team will strive to rely on the services of contracted private clinics when possible. When this is not possible, it has to be solely up to the decision of the medical service provider’s qualified personnel to select the right hospital or clinic that is the right one for the patient’s condition at that point.

Medical protocol in Mid Atlantic Films productions


Off-set medical cases are to be reported to their respective Production Office Coordinator (POC) by the crew member in need of medical attention.


The POC makes an assessment whether or not the crew member is in need of urgent medical attention or not by consulting with the patient. Based on that assessment, the POC contacts the medical service provider for its 24/7 medical team via the medical coordinator or dedicated hotline number and instructs on the level of emergency and urgency of medical attention.

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