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BudapestGo App

To get around Budapest in the speediest and easiest ways, utilize the simple-to-use mobile app presenting the most ideal itineraries in absolute real time, displaying stations around your current location along with the preferred line’s route and schedule. A journey planner certainly comes in handy.

The BudapestGo app is available for download free of charge on iOS and Android devices.

The quickest and easiest way to get around Hungary’s capital is by taking any of the public transportation vehicles that constantly criss-cross the city. Incorporating a mix of vintage and modern conveyances that traverse roads, rails, subterranean tunnels and waterways, Budapest’s public-transport fleet is accessible at quite competitive rates compared to other major European cities. In this guide we outline the most significant metro, bus, and tram lines, along with info about ticket prices and other handy tips for hassle-free travel all around the city.

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