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By default Budapest taxis are yellow and have a taxi sign on top (any vehicle without these features is operating illegally in Budapest). The total charge that has to be paid by the passenger is made up of three separate parts (as per the official regulations):


  • the flat basic charge of HUF 1000 (EUR 2.6 / USD 2.8) which is irrespective of how far the journey is,


  • the 400 HUF (EUR 1.1 / USD 1.1) per kilometre charge which depends on how many kilometres are covered during the journey, and

  • the HUF 100 (EUR 0.3 / USD 0.3) waiting charge (if applies).


Tariffs are clearly displayed on the rear right door and on the dashboard. Ask for assistance from the hotel reception or the Production Office when ordering a taxi and think twice before taking the “impartial advice” of taxi drivers if you are looking for a bar or nightclub. It is generally best to check with your hotel or Production Office first in this instance, too.

No call-out charge is levied on taxis ordered by phone within the boundaries of Budapest, except for exceptional orders (e.g. estate car, type demand etc.). All cars must have a taximeter installed which also print out a receipt on request (legal requirement). Major and recommended taxi companies have also equipped their vehicles with bank card (POS) terminals in order to avoid cash traffic. Following a good and respectful service a tipping in the amount of appr. 10% of the fare is recommended as simple way of saying ‘Thank you’ to the driver.


A taxi ride from Liszt Ferenc Budapest Airport to the city centre should typically cost around 9800 HUF (EUR 25 / USD 26.5) depending on traffic conditions.


Recommended taxi companies:


application only

City Taxi

+36 1 211 1111



+36 1 222 2222

Budapest taxi

+36 1 777 7777

6x6 taxi

+36 1 266 6666

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