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Parking Zones

Generally, parking must be paid for between the hours of 8AM and 6PM (except in Zone 1: 8AM to 8PM) Monday to Friday. On-street parking (municipal parking) is free on the weekends and on national holidays. Budapest is divided into several street parking zones with different fees.

Zone A

HUF 600 / hour
weekdays 8AM to 10PM
max. 3 hours

(the area between the Danube and the Grand Boulevard in Pest, and the area surrounding Castle Hill in Buda)

Zone B

HUF 450 / hour
weekdays 8AM to 8PM
max. 3 hours

(most parts of Buda and the area outside of the Grand Boulevard in Pest)

Zone C

HUF 300 / hour
weekdays 8AM to 6PM
max. 3 hours

(all other parts of the city)

Zone D

HUF 200 / hour
weekdays 8AM to 6PM
max. 3 hours

(some areas south Budapest)


Tickets must be purchased from the nearest parking meter and they need to be displayed on the dashboard. Parking meters accept coins (HUF). Altough meters accept payment by cell phone as well please note that production phones in Mid Atlantic Productions are not authorised to allow mobile phone purchases for taxation and administrative reasons.


IMPORTANT: Please don’t leave your valuables and important personal belongings in in unattended parking car!

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